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Exporting a STL from Fusion 360

Before Toolpath can generate g-code for your part, you'll need to upload it in the STL file format.

How to export a STL from Fusion 360 so you can upload it to ToolpathAI:

  1. Navigate to the "Design" view within Fusion 360.
  2. From the "Bodies" menu, right-click the body to export.
  3. Select "Save as Mesh".
  4. From the "Save as Mesh" menu, choose the following settings:
    1. Format: STL (Binary)
    2. Refinement: Custom
    3. Surface Deviation: 0.000050 in (50 millionths of an inch) or 0.0127 mm
    4. Normal Deviation: 3.00
    5. Maximum Edge Length and Aspect Ratio can be left at their default settings.
  5. Click "OK" to save the file to your hard drive.
  6. Upload that file to ToolpathAI.

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