Reinventing CNC Programming

ToolpathAI analyzes your part and automatically creates an optimized program for your machine and your tools.

Machined parts, faster than ever.

Prototype Faster

Eliminate time spent programming. Move from CAD to cutting chips without hours of programming for each part. Create prototypes and short-run parts quickly.

Reduce Cycle Time

Go faster with optimized tool paths. Using our AI-powered toolpath optimization engine, you will reduce cycle time compared to traditional CAM approaches.

Run More Machines

Produce efficient g-code for different CNC machine tools. Make the most of each machine without manually reprogramming parts for each machine and tool library.

Together, we will:

Innovate faster. You will prototype your parts faster and create high-precision components quickly.

Build better. Prove and improve designs faster, so you can develop superior products for your customers.

Create locally. Reducing the barriers to manufacturing creates valuable jobs in your community.

About Toolpath

We will enable innovators—designers, engineers, and machinists—to go from solid model to high-precision machined part faster than ever before.

Today, the path between a creative idea and a physical product is too long, too slow, and too expensive. We believe that taking a high-precision part from a computer screen to CNC machine should be simple.