Software for the Next Generation of CNC Machining

Introducing Solidvox

Solidvox uses 3D voxel models to represent parts, cutting tools, and workholding. With modern AI and massively-parallel cloud computing we can create efficient tool paths automatically.

Elements of the Solidvox Engine

Voxels: By digitizing traditional solid models into high-resolution discrete 3D volumes, we accurately represent each step of the machining process.

Physics: Using knowledge of the materials, masses, and forces at work, we generate stable and productive metal cutting conditions.

Computing: Highly parallel cloud-based computing can be used to quickly generate and simulate toolpaths that aren’t possible using traditional CAM systems.

Optimization: A nearly infinite number of machining strategies and tool combinations can be considered using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced numerical optimization methods.

Our Platform

ToolpathAI: Automatic tool path generation for CNC mills

Elements of ToolpathAI

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