Building the Future of Machining

Toolpath automatically generates a machining strategy directly from the 3D model of a part.

Using computational geometry algorithms and graph-based optimization techniques combined with massively-parallel cloud computing we can create safe and efficient G-code that is ready to machine your part.

The Toolpath Approach

Geometry: Toolpath identifies the machinable features for each orientation from the 3D model of each part. It's more than holes and pockets: Toolpath identifies complex surfaces and intersecting features to develop complete machining plans.

Physics: Using knowledge of the workpiece, machine, and tools, our feeds and speeds engine automatically generates stable and productive metal cutting conditions.

Computing: Highly parallel cloud computing can be used to quickly generate and simulate many more machining strategies than traditional CAM systems.

Optimization: A nearly infinite number of machining strategies and tool combinations can be considered using advanced optimization techniques.

Our Platform

ToolpathAI: Automatic tool path generation for CNC mills

Elements of ToolpathAI

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